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Ariel Pozzo


Biography and Partial Discography

Ariel Pozzo was born in Rosario, Argentina. In 1984, after moving to Buenos Aires, he entered the studios as a sought-after studio guitarist and began recording with the most popular local and regional artists for major labels including BMG, Sony, Polygram, Universal, etc., as well as becoming an in-demand producer for rock bands and a clinician/endorsee for companies such as Fender, Washburn, Crate, Ibanez and Morley.

A versatile musician with a strong rock & pop flavor in his playing, Ariel is renowned for being a "connoisseur" of tone, and his guitar sound has gained national recognition for him. An interview with Ariel Pozzo will appear in the may 2000 issue of MUSIC EXPERT magazine, which can be found here:

Ariel is presently the lead guitar player for Miguel Mateos, one of the most recognized artists of Latin Rock, with millions of records sold worldwide, and a fan base spanning from Argentina to Mexico to the USA, where a major tour is being scheduled for Fall 2000, in time with the release of the new Miguel Mateos record. Miguel’s web site can be found here:

Select Recordings

Amongst the dozens of sessions done by Ariel Pozzo, the following ones could be highlighted:

Litto Nebbia: Para que se encuentren los hombres (RCA 1983)

Soundtrack for the movie "Evita-Quien quiera oír que oiga" (RCA 1983)

Silvina Garré: Creerás en Milagros (EMI 1984)

Graffiti: Exhibición Condicionada (CBS 1987)

Sin Respirar (CBS 1988)

Fabián Gallardo: Radiofotos (WEA 1987)

Lejos de la ciencia (WEA 1989)

Revelando Secretos (WEA 1993)

La calle de la salvación (Warner 1995)

Debajo del agua (Barca 2000)

Rubén Goldin: Piedras Preciosas (WEA 1990)

Brilla el sol (WEA 1992)

Roque Narvaja: Good night Madrid (Atlantic 1990)

Hertz: Cuerpos Incendiados (Roses Records 1993)

Miguel Mateos: Bar Imperio (Universal 1998)

New record being produced right now. Scheduled for fall 2000

As well as leading his own recording bands, such as Graffiti, Hertz and Torsos, Ariel worked as sideman for the following major artists:

Litto Nebbia (1983-84)
Silvina Garré (1983-85)
Roque Narvaja (1990)
Rubén Goldin (1990-94)
Fabián Gallardo (1987-1997)
Miguel Mateos (1996-present)

Ariel has been endorsed by such companies as:

WASHBURN- 1989/1992
CRATE- 1993
MORLEY- 1993
IBANEZ- 1998
FENDER- 1993/2000

These days Ariel Pozzo handles the Gear Test section for the national distribution MUSIC EXPERT magazine and does clinics as a freelancer for FENDER, as well as by himself, all across the country.

[Webmaster's Note:  For a real audio treat, go to Ariel's website and listen to some of the MP3 samples of his work!]

Ariel’s website can be found here:

Email: /