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Tim Mahoney
Guitarist - 311

Tim at the 1999 HFStival playing his Vintage Cherry PRS Standard

          Tim plays guitar for the popular rock group, 311. Although not available for a full interview, the following comments and information were supplied:

          "I enjoy playing PRS' because of their tone and playability. A few of my musical influences are Jerry Garcia, Bob Marley, Carlos Santana, Willie Nelson, John Scofield, John McLaughlin (especially with Mahavishnu Orchestra)...there are many more. I've learned a lot from listening to those fellas. It inspires me to hear players get in that a pure transmission from the soul, through the body, instrument, speaker, and sound waves into your ear."

Tim's Equipment:

PRS Standard
PRS Custom
PRS Archtop
PRS Santana

Seymour Duncan JB, Alnico 2
PRS Vintage Bass
PRS Dragon
Santana Bass

Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier
Tremoverb (combo)
Heartbreaker (combo)

Celestion 30s M/B 4x12 Recto cabinets

Boss octave & t-wah
Ibanez chorus & TS9
MXR & Small Stone phazers
Dunlop Tremolo
Memory Man echo
Effectron Digital Delay
Headrush Delay, volume pedal, and wah wah