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2000, 2001, and 2002 Forum Events

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        Each of the past three years the PRS Forum has held a Forum event for members at the PRS factory In Stevensville, Maryland. These events have allowed us to meet each other in person and to get a chance to rub elbows with PRS officials and factory employees. Our first year, the 2000 Forum event, saw 56 members make the trip, while our 2001 event had 102 members in attendance. Our 2002 event was attended by 131 members!

        PRS and, in particularly, Paul Reed Smith, have been most gracious in hosting us. The Events included factory tours for members, followed by clinics given by Paul, catered get-togethers where members had an opportunity to talk to PRS employees, to gawk at each others' guitars, have Paul sign things, and to have a great time. The 2001 event included a performance by Paul's band, The Dragons, and a performance by Porkgrind, Jim Cullen's band. One of the more exciting aspects of the 2001 event was a member's jam session that even included Paul! The 2002 event had Paul perform again with a combination of the Dragons and some guest artists. Paul also gave away a Santana SE and a Singlecut 10 top, along with sets of prototype pickups! The 2002 Forum Member's jam session was incredible and lots of talented folks filled the Moose Lodge with some exciting music. We hope to have more events in the future and encourage all members to participate.


  The 2000 Event Forum members outside the factory with Paul in the middle
  The 2001 Event Forum Members Group Photo (with Paul in the middle)
  Inlay work being done
  A PRS in the final assembly stage
  Curing the one of those yours?
  Paul speaking to our members at the clinic
  Some of our members at the clinic
  Spending time with Paul at the party
  Paul checks out Jeff Goldberg's PRS