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The PRS Forum Dealer's Page


          The PRS Forum is proud to introduce you to the Dealer's Page, a portion of this website dedicated to introducing you to some of the best PRS dealers in the world. Each dealer has been highly recommended by Forum participants, such recommendations taking into consideration that shop's prices, integrity, and quality of service. We take great care in screening stores who wish to be Forum Dealers so that you have the best opportunity to find your instruments at a good cost from dependable shops. We want to know about your experiences with these dealers, both pleasant and otherwise. The Forum does not receive any type of "kickbacks" for sales, and does not take responsibility for transactions that participants and dealers enter into. In case you're wondering why dealers are listed in a certain order, they are listed according to alphabetical order.

           Two dealers, in particular, deserve special notice. In addition to great prices and service, Jack Gretz of Magdon Music and Brian Meader of Washington Music Center have been extremely active on our discussion area, giving advice and help about PRS instruments to our members since the Forum was started. This goes above and beyond what we ever expected in the way of help from our Forum Dealers!

  Dave's Guitar Shop
  Eastcoast Music Mall
  Flynn Guitars
  Fatsound Guitars
  G Guitars
  Garrett Park Guitars
  Guitar Heaven
  Magdon Music
  Martin Music
  Washington Music Center
  Wildwood Music
  Willcutt Guitar Shoppe