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We are proud to offer this part of the website to members who wish to purchase Forum or Forum related items, either with credit card or by sending check or money order (in U.S. funds if paying by international money order). The prices quoted for each item include shipping fees. Credit card purchases can be made by clicking on the PayPal button below each item. Checks should be made out to Aspen Music and sent to:

Brian Scherzer/Aspen Music
2427 S. Oakland Circle
Aurora, Colorado   80014


The PRS Forum continues to expand and the costs of running it grow. We hope that you will donate what you can to keep the PRS Forum alive and well! The PayPal buttons below are for making a donations to the Forum. Just click on the button that you want to use. The first button send money specifically for the PRS Forum, including the main discussion area. The button below that is for people who specifically want to donate to the Gear Page discussion area. The amount is up to you. Thanks for your help!


To make a donation specifically to the Forum's Gear Page, please click on the button below:

Visit our PRS Forum Apparel Store! We have a number of items that have our PRS Forum graphic (seen above) on them, including t-shirts, sweat shirts, coffee mugs, mouse pads, hats, etc. These can be ordered through Cafe Press, which handles everything for you, including making the items, collecting the money, and shipping to you. $6 from each item goes to help run the Forum. Items ordered are shipped within 3-5 business days.

Temporarily Sold Out
Next Order Will Be Around July


$55.00 in the U.S. or $60.00 outside of the U.S.  (shipping included)

The PRS Forum has been authorized under license agreement from PRS to make these special trussrod covers (TRCs) to sell to our members. The TRCs are made by Thorn Inlay and are a wonderful addition to your favorite guitars! We are out of the Brazilian rosewood ones, but do have the exact same inlay on ebony or rosewood (please specify).  Folks outside of the U.S. need to pay by international money order in U.S. funds ($60.00).

To purchase one or more TRCs via credit card, click on the PayPal button below:


Scott Peterson CD "Rainshine"
$15.00 (shipping included)

The songs here were all originally written with the goal of being collaborations with vocalists. Instead, I looked for guitarists that work and play like vocalists - not guys looking to only show off chops. So I approached players that had the talent, the taste and the maturity level as a player to know when to open up and when to hold it down. I looked for guys that really have a melodic edge and could give my songs the same ingredients that a talented vocalist would bring to the table. The result is what I would actually call an "Alt-Rock" disc that features incredible melodic guitarists playing over real songs - not just backing tracks. Featuring the vast and varied talents of Ariel Pozzo, Steven Whaley and Michael Fredericks.

To purchase "Rainshine" by credit card, click on the PayPal button below:

Ariel Pozzo CD "Permanent Damage"
$15.00 (shipping included)

Ariel Pozzo, a PRS Forum member, has appeared on numerous major label recordings and tours with Miguel Mateos, a Warner Bros. recording artist. Ariel has completed his first solo project with Aspen Records and we are pleased to offer this CD, done exclusively with PRS guitars, to our members. The CD rocks!

To purchase "Permanent Damage" by credit card, click on the PayPal button below:

Patrick Ginnaty CD
"To Sail Beyond The Sunset"
$15.00 (shipping included)

Patrick's work on this recording was based on a very original and heartfelt style of playing. A truly independent spirit shows in the melodic flow of the CD. If you are looking for the typical commercial fare found on so many major label releases, don't look here! Rather, what you get with this CD is a glimpse into the heart and soul of a longtime guitar player.







To purchase "To Sail Beyond The Sunset" by credit card, click on the PayPal button below:

Greigg Fraser CD "Tech Noir"
$15.00 (shipping included)

Tech Noir is Greigg's follow-up to a very successful first CD, which received radio play in Europe, Canada, and the U.S., including one of the tunes making it to #3 on Alpen Radio in Belgium. Greigg uses his PRS guitars on Tech Noir in a style that reminds one of Jeff Beck. A longtime member of the PRS Forum, Greigg resides in Canada and is a sought after performer.  If you like rock music, this CD is a must buy!

To purchase "Tech Noir" by credit card, click on the PayPal button below:


The Gary Small Band CD "Cheyenne Blue Revisited"
$15.00 (shipping included)

Cheyenne Blue Revisited is a solid and smoking blues CD by Forum member Gary Small. Gary's chops shine, as does the song writing and the incredible percussion offered by Santana's drummer for 12 years, Graham Lear. How good is this CD? Would Graham Lear be playing in Gary's band if Gary didn't have incredible talent? Take my word for it, buy this CD if you like blues!

To purchase "Cheyenne Blue Revisted" by credit card, click on the PayPal button below:


The Gary Small Band CD
"Wild Indians"

$15.00 (shipping included)

Gary's band returns in this new CD, complete with ex-Santana drummer, Graham Lear, and ex-Joe Cocker percussionist, Bobby Torres. Unlike the 1st CD, which was a blues-oriented CD, Wild Indians, is highly reminiscent of Santana, is a tribute to Gary's Native American heritage, and is filled with reggae and world music rhythms. The lyrics speak to a mostly Native American audience, which can be a culturally enriching experience for all of us!

To purchase "Wild Indians" by credit card, click on the PayPal button below: